Getting to know our Library Aide: Alicia Ballard

By Sheila Barnard

On this post, we will be getting to know our Library Assistant, Alicia Ballard.

Alicia grew up in a little town called Edgewood, New Mexico with her mom, dad, and two younger sisters. She also has an older half-sister. Half of her family lives in New Mexico and half of her family lives in Arizona. Alicia lives with her boyfriend and they have three dogs and one cat.

Alicia attended Edgewood Elementary school. She was then homeschooled from middle school until she graduated high school. She is now working towards her MLIS degree.

In her free time Alicia likes to read and write. She enjoys crafting, mostly making DIY costumes and props. She also likes gaming playing Fallout and Pokémon.

In her early youth, Alicia had trouble reading due to a severe astigmatism. After over a year of therapy, her eyesight improved. She then discovered a book series called May Bird and the Ever After about a girl and her hairless cat falling into a world of ghosts and fell in love with reading. Her favorite genre is horror. Her favorite authors are Stephen King and Joe Hill. She has even met Stephen King at a book signing! She also enjoys science fiction and some fantasy.

Alicia has worked at the library for over 3 years as a library assistant. She designs displays and assists the patrons and librarians with any additional needs. Her favorite part of her job is helping someone find that book or author that makes them fall in love with reading. Alicia has also recently been working part time at the Yukon Public Library.

When asked what five things she would bring with her if she was stuck on a desert island (except food or water) Alicia said:

The Dark Tower box set by Stephen King, a knife, a ball of twine, fire starter, and a tarp.