Getting to know our Assistant Librarian/ Circulation Tech: Teresa Carey

By Penny Beals

Teresa is beginning her 19th year at the El Reno Carnegie Library.  She is currently the Assistant Librarian/Circulation Tech.  As Assistant Librarian she fills in for the Director when that person is out of the building.  The Circulation Tech job duties include entering books into our database and most anything related to books, removing books, inventory, etc.  Teresa may have a specific title, but like all of us, she helps with whatever needs to be done.  We have a wonderful picture of her with cleaning gloves on her hands and plastic trash bags on her feet while wielding a plunger!

Teresa’s youth was spent moving between Oklahoma and California.  She attended approximately 17 different schools from Kindergarten to 8th grade.  Although she left school in 8th grade, she later received her GED and later an Associate Degree.  She recognized the value of an education to help her obtain a job she excels at.

Teresa is the youngest girl in a family of eight siblings.  She has two daughters and four grandchildren (3 girls and 1 boy).  She recently purchased a house in El Reno and lives here with her mother and her sweetheart of a pit bull, Halo.

Hobbies include reading, walking, fishing, and traveling to sight-see.

Teresa hasn’t always been a reader, however, after she began working at the library she realized it was important to her job.  She enjoys recommending books and authors to patrons. As a result, she has become a life-long reader.

When asked what her favorite part about coming to work each day is she said the people she works with and helping patrons.  “I enjoy when I see someone get the book they have been waiting on and see the happiness they show.”

The last question on our questionnaire is ‘if you are stuck on a desert island what 5 things would you have (except food and water)?’  Teresa answered:  bible, people, blanket, pillow, and her medicine