Getting to know our Adult and Teen Librarian: Macy Conley

By Sheila Barnard

Today we will be getting to know our Adult and Teen Librarian, Macy Blayke Conley.

Macy was raised in Mustang, Oklahoma by her parents Marilyn and Patrick Conley. She has three younger siblings, Jacob, Damian, and Rylee. Macy loves animals and has three dogs, Suki, Nymeria, and Bear, a beta fish named Black Lightening, and a hedgehog named Quilly Nelson.

Macy attended Mustang High School and graduated in 2010. She then attended St. Gregory’s University and graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in 2014.

In her free time she likes to craft, bake, and binge watch Netflix series with her roommates. She also participates regularly with and is on the board of the El Reno Community Theatre.

Macy didn’t start out as a reader. Until the fourth grade she did not like to read. She had trouble reading because she could not hear well and didn’t learn the correct way to sound out words because she would read lips. Once she got help with her hearing, she fell in love with reading. Now she reads mostly YA dystopian. She also likes mysteries and biographies by or about comedians.  She does most of her reading by audio books.

Macy has worked for the El Reno Carnegie Library for 3 years. She started as a part time library aide and worked up to being the Adult and Teen Librarian. As part of her job she maintains the Young Adult collection and plans and organizes the teen and adult programming. Her favorite part of her job is helping kids or teens find books they can connect with.

When asked what 5 things she would bring with her on a desert island (except food or water) Macy said:

Her dog Suki, cell phone, charger, Nintendo Switch, and Sunscreen SPF 50