Getting to know our Library Aide: Sheila Barnard

By Penny Beals

Sheila’s job title is Library Aide, but she does so much more for us.  She is instrumental in planning and implementing our social media and outreach.  Her outgoing style of communication serves her well when helping patrons in the library and when visiting schools to promote our programming.  Attendance at our events has increased dramatically as a result of Sheila’s outreach campaign.  Our Friends of the Library FanFest festival is always a huge success because of the time Sheila devotes to it.  She has been with the library for two and a half years.

Sheila grew up between Aurora, Colorado, Newton, Kansas, and Oklahoma, attending nine schools before graduating from Newton High School class of 2001.  She is the oldest child of six.  She has 2 sisters, Katrina and Brandi, and 3 brothers, John, Christopher, and Robbie.  Her mother’s name is Tammy.  Her dad and other mom are Randy and Marietta.  They have been married since Sheila was two.  She has 14 nieces and nephews.  She is married to Chris and together they have a son named Logan.

Her current pets are a gecko named Neko, a kitten named Bellatrix (Trixie) and a great dane puppy named Lex Woofer.

Sheila’s hobbies are reading, fangirling, and being a personal assistant to her son.

Sheila has always liked to read.  Her parents used to joke that they were the only parents they knew who had to tell their child to put down the book and go outside.  She enjoys Fantasy, Murder Mysteries, and Young Adult books.  She isn’t much for books with happy endings.

When asked what her favorite part about coming into work each day is, she replied, “My coworkers, doing programs, and helping patrons find new books.”

If stuck on a desert island, Sheila would bring: a boat, flairs, matches, and her husband Chris.  Her list includes a book for her to read while Chris uses the rest of the items to save them!