DIY Bookmarks

By Macy Conley

Most librarians have found something used as a book mark that wasn’t a book mark. Some librarians have found old pictures, money, or pressed flowers hidden between the pages of a book. Other librarians have been unfortunate enough to find items like tin can lids, banana peel, or deli meat. No librarian wants to be the one to find a weird item used as a bookmark, so I will show how to make three book marks you can use instead of a house hold items. We will be making a Hogwarts house inspired bookmark for those who are still awaiting their owl. A tassel bookmark for those who are wanting a bookmark that is a bit different. Our last project will be a picture bookmark which is customizable. Let’s get started!

all bookmark pic

Hogwarts House Bookmark:

Paper (house colors of your choice)




Hogwarts House Symbol

bk 1 1

  1. You will need four (two of each color) strips of paper cut to 1 centimeter.

2. You will then take strips A and B and glue them at a right angle, with strip B on top of A.

bk 1 5

  1. You will then take strip C and glue is right next to strip B.bk 1 9
  2. You will then glue strip D on top of strip B while running parallel to strip A. You will weave the tale of strip D under strip C.

bk 1 11

5. Now that we have all the strips secure, you are ready to start folding. You will need to place a little bit of glue on top of strip D. You will then fold strip A so the tale of strip A runs parallel with strips B and C.

6. You will then do the same with strip B but in the opposite way.

7. We will then repeat the process with strips C and D.

8. You will repeat this process until there is not enough paper at the end of the strips of paper. Once you reach this point. You will glue the last overlapping strip and cut off the excess paper on the same angle.

9. Lastly, glue the Hogwarts House symbol on the book mark and enjoy!

bk 1 30

Tassel Bookmarks:


Embroidery thread or yarn

Paper clip

Beads (optional)

Tbm 1 1

  1. Firstly, you will take the beginning of your thread and drape it over the top of your hand. You will then gently wrap it around your fingers until you are satisfied with tassel thickness and cut the end.

2. You will then cut a 5-inch piece of thread and weave it through the open area where your hand was and tie it off.

3. You will then close the circle of thread. Bring another 5-inch piece of thread around the top of the tassel. You will wrap it around the top a couple of times and then tie it off. Trim the ends.

4. Cut the looped tassel. Trim to make it even.

5. (Optional) Place bead on both of the strings at the top of the tassel.

6. You will then slide a paper clip on one string and make a knot using both strings. You will then take one strings and wrap it around one side of the paper clip and tie it off. Repeat with the other side. Trim the ends.

7. Enjoy your bookmark!

tbm 1 27

Picture Bookmarks:




Contact paper/ Packing tape

pbm 1

  1. First, you will need to have a mirrored copy of your picture and cut out both the original and mirror.

pbm 2

2. You will then glue the image back to back.

pbm 4

3. Next, lay your image on the stick side of contact paper or cover both side of the image with packing tape. Then cut out image.

4. Punch a hole where you would like the tassel to hang.

pbm 9

5. Make a tassel. For a detailed instruction, look at the “Tassel Bookmark” on this post. Attach the tassel.

6. Cut the tassel loop and even out the tassel. Enjoy!


Show us your bookmarks by tagging us on social media @ERCL. Happy crafting!