How the Library Can Save Green

By Alicia Ballard

The library is filled with many resources including: books, audiobooks, e-books, printing, faxing, magazines, notary service, etc. Most of the services are free, and what services that do cost, are very low in price. In this post, we will look at the various ways your local library can save you some green!

The average cost of a book in America is $16.00. The average American reads 12 books a year. This can mean that the average American will spend $192.00 on books alone within the year. Of course this does not take into account book hoarders or the book-obsessed (I am one of these myself)  that spend double or triple that a year.


Library Green 1


At the El Reno Carnegie Library, printing only costs $0.10 a page for black and white, and $0.25 a page for color. According to the Walmart website, a cartridge of Black ink costs $28.99, the average amount of sheets printed from a single cartridge is 220 pages. This comes out to a cost of $0.13 per page. Color costs $67.89 a cartridge, at 220 pages a cartridge this comes out to $0.31 a page.

On top of cheaper printing prices, the library sends faxes at no charge. Most businesses charge $1.00-$1.25 per page to send faxes and most do not receive faxes. We do charge to receive faxes, but it costs $0.25 a page and we do keep the faxes for two weeks for pick up at the convenience of the patron.

The local library can save green in many areas of day to day life that are too expensive or inconvenient. Of course, most figures stated here are based on the El Reno Carnegie Library pricing and policies. It is highly recommended to seek out and talk to your local library about their resources and what they can do to make your daily life better.