Getting to know our library board: Chance Deaton

What jobs and/or volunteer work do you do outside of the library board?

Attorney. Associate Bar Examiner for Oklahoma Bar, Parks & Rec board, mentor with ERPS Students Striving for Success

How long have you been on the library board?

About 6 months

Where did you grow up?

Marlow, OK

Where did you go to school?

OU Undergrad, Oklahoma City University School of Law

Tell us about your family.

My parents and sister still live in Marlow. I have a 2 year old nephew named Lawson.

Do you have any pets?

Yes, a Westie/Schnauzer mix named Guthrie

What are some of your hobbies?

Reading, writing, hiking, playing golf, going to the lake

Do you read? Yes What do you like to read?

Literary fiction, philosophy, psychology, biographies, autobiographies memoirs

Why did you join the library board?

I love reading and I know that libraries still play a pivotal rose in communities like ours. I wanted to get involved to help promote literacy in our community.

What is your favorite part about being on the library board?

Staying up to date on all of the library projects and future plans.

If you could have dinner with any author, who would it be?

If dead or alive, John Steinbeck. If alive only, George Saunders.