OSU-OKC Talent Search


By Lena Munir Khader

Parents/Guardians, are you interested in seeing your child attend college or a vocational school after high school? Have you envisioned your child walking across a stage and attaining a post-secondary education? Sometimes, we don’t always have the time and resources to provide our children with all of the tools necessary for a post-secondary education. That’s where OSU-OKC Talent Search comes in! Students, are you excited and ready to graduate from high school and begin college? Are you still trying to figure out what your future career will be? Sometimes, we need a little extra help to figure out what college or vocational school is the best fit for us and what our future career will be. That’s where OSU-OKC Talent Search comes in! 

At OSU-OKC Talent Search, we serve 513 middle and high school students each year. Our goal is to ensure each of our students attend and graduate from college, university, or a vocational school. Students are eligible to be in our program if they are low-income and/or would be the first in their family to graduate from college. 

Our program hosts monthly meetings at the schools we serve and focus on topic such as college preparation, financial aid, and career exploration. We also take students on college visits at least once a year, and provide opportunities for students to attend various cultural activities (field trips). Each summer, we also host a four-day Summer Career Camp. We expose our students to unique career opportunities and provide them with tools to be prepared for the application and interviewing process when applying for jobs. We are proud to serve Etta Dale Junior High School and El Reno High School, and hope you all will contact us for more information at 405-945-9132 or visit our website: https://osuokc.edu/talentsearch

Parents and students, you can also pick up an application from your middle or high school counselor, or at the fabulous El Reno Carnegie Library!