Basic Sewing for Beginners

By Macy Conley

You may not think you should learn how to sew, but this basic skill comes in handy in your everyday life. Whether it be fixing a button, a tear in your favorite sweater, or mending a ripped pair of jeans, knowing how to sew can help you save a few extra dollars.



How to sew on a button:

Sewing on buttons is one of the most essential sewing projects out there. This handy chart is perfect for when you are just learning how to sew.



Mending a broken zipper:

A broken zipper does not have to mean the end of your favorite jacket. This blog shows 6 ways to fix a broken zipper no matter how it was broken.

Crafting a Green World

Mending a hole:

Getting a hole in your clothes is not fun but it doesn’t have to be the end of the world. Here is the easiest way to fix holes in your clothing.

Mending a Knit sweater. (

Applying a patch:

Don’t throw away that pair of jeans with a big hole in the knee! Here is an easy way to mend them.


For more sewing help, checkout the links below.

Helpful sewing websites/blogs:

The Spruce Crafts

National Sewing Circle

The Creative Curator

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