Home repairs, Improvements, and Maintenance

By Peggy Kindiger



The ceiling fan won’t work, the tile grout is coming loose in the shower, the faucet in the kitchen sink is leaking, and the lawn mower is sputtering.  Just when you think school is over – along comes adulthood!  Whether it’s getting your first house/apartment or vehicle, you’ll need to educate yourself about general upkeep and maintenance.

While some repairs need to be done by professionals, there are many things that can be fixed with a little knowledge and the right tools.  Here at the library, we can help you with the knowledge (the tools are up to you!).

To fix or replace that ceiling fan, check out a book on basic wiring to help guide you through that tangle of black, blue, white, and green cords.  A book on tile installation might have some clues on grout repair.  Leaky faucets can be tackled with some information on basic plumbing.  And you can keep that lawn mower purring with a bit of help from a care & repair guide for small engines.

Keep your costs down by checking out these resources from the library.  Below is a list of just some of our handy books (all in the non-fiction 600s section) explaining and illustrating many types of repairs and maintenance.  And don’t forget the myriad videos available on youtube.com.  Don’t have a computer or internet access?  The library has public computers that are free to use.  Come on in and see how we can help keep you educated for life!


Electricity & wiring –

NF 621 GIB           Teach yourself Electricity and Electronics

NF 621.3 CRE       Quick Guide: Wiring

NF 621.3 HOE      Basic Electricity & Practical Wiring


 Basic home repair –  

NF 643 HAN         Easy Home Repair:  A Complete Step-by-step Guide to Do-it-yourself

NF 643 HAN         Exterior Home Repairs

NF 643. 7 HIL       Design Ideas for Kitchens

NF 693.1 TUL       Advanced Masonry

NF 693.3 COR      Complete Tile: Installing Ceramic, Stone, Vinyl, Laminate, and More

NF 696 SCH          Plumbing: Basic & Advanced Projects


Small engines –

NF 621.4 HUN      Small Engines and Outdoor Power Equipment: A Care & Repair Guide for Lawn Mowers, Snowblowers & Small Gas-powered Implements


Basic tools –

For a list of fifty tools that every homeowner should have, check out the following link: