Top 5 Ways to Revive Your Resume

by Macy Conley
Applying for your dream job is nerve wracking enough, updating your resume shouldn’t be. Below are listed the top 5 ways to bring life to your resume.
  1. Include only relevant information.

This may seem like a no brainier, but you would be surprised how many resumes include information that doesn’t pertain to the job. First, thing to remove is your objective statement. The statement is usually there to let people know what job your applying for, but they already know that. Instead replace this section with a summary of your career. Keep it simple and short. Another phrase to remove is “references available upon request”. If they need references, they will ask you for them.

      2. Highlight your qualifications.

Move your most relevant information to the top of each section. Most interviewers do not read the entire resume, but they will skim it to find relevant information. Make it easier on the interviewer. Also, be sure to sprinkle your accomplishments throughout your resume. While they are skimming you want them to be able to see what you have done for your past companies. Something to help your accomplishments stand out is to quantify them as much as possible. For example, instead of saying “I have experience supervising multiple creative teams”, you could say ” I have supervised 10 creative teams comprised of 30 people”.

      3. Improve your overall readability.

Hiring personal are slammed with resumes for different jobs all the time. The most time they spend on a resume is about 10 seconds. They know what they are looking for and if your resume is sloppy or hard to read, they may pass right over because they simply don’t have time. To help your resume stand out, make it easy to skim. Make sure everything is short and concise. You don’t want to give a long job description because they will only read the first sentence. Bullet points will be your friend. Keep your font clean and consistent. Try not to use anything that is hard to read. This may seem like a no brainier but make sure your contact info is easy to locate and stands out. If your hard to contact now, they will think its hard to contact you all the time. Also, make sure you, a friend, and another friend proof read your resume. Nothing is more embarrassing than having a small grammatical error.

      4. Keep your resume the appropriate length.

You can have quite a bit of experience that you would like to include on your resume but its not always wise. The appropriate length of a resume for a entry-level or mid-level job is 1 page and 3-4 pages for an executive or academic positions. If you are having trouble keeping it within this page limit, omit anything that doesn’t fit in with the job description. Only keep the latest or most current information available.

      5. Make your resume pop!

Everyone would like to make their resume stand out from the crowd but not everyone knows how. With the help of the internet, its now easy to find a free resume design that it unique and different. Even though you would like your resume to stand out, you also want it to reflect your industry. For an example, if you are an accountant you might want something with clean lines that is easy to read.
However, if you are an architect you might want something a little more flashy to show off your design sense.
Next time you need a resume, remember the steps and use a free template provided below.

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