Education for Life: Vehicle Maintenance and Basic Repairs

by Peggy Kindiger

El Reno’s Small Town Weekend is coming up!  June 7-9, 2019 is the time to check out the classic/vintage cars showcased on our little strip of the Mother Road.  Bring friends and family to see the only legal drag race and burnout on Route 66.  As the date draws near, more information and activity schedules will be available in the El Reno Tribune, and onf the internet at:  and



That being said, it’s obviously time to check out the 629s.  No, it’s not cubic inches, but it ffis the Dewey decimal area where you can rev up your knowledge of the 289s, 292s, 325s, 389s, 409s, 427s, and others.  Start out with these books on classic cars:

629.2 CLU  Greatest American Cars (three books: Early Years, Golden Age, Modern Era)

629.2 HAD  My Cool Classic Car

629.2 WIL The Ultimate Classic Car Book

fffWhether you already have a classic car or just want to keep your newer model around for many years to come, knowledge of basic repairs and maintenance will help keep your vehicle on the road and running smoothly.  From checking your oil to replacing brake pads, our library can help.  We have many Chilton Repair manuals, some Motor Repair manuals, a Complete Car Care manual, and several manuals specific to certain makes and models of vehicles including cars, trucks, motorcycles, and ATVs.  These manuals are all in our reference section.  They may be used in the library building, but cannot be checked out.   Our public computers can be used to access other ffffresources.   For example, go to where you can find a plethora of videos that take you step-by-step through a repair or replacement process.  Ask one of our friendly staff members for help in finding the manual or website that’s right for the project you’re working on.

Drive safely, buckle up, and have fun at Small Town Weekend!