Getting to know our neighbor: Midfirst Bank

by Alicia Ballard

First time banking can be a stressful ordeal, information can seem overwhelming and the options seem vast. Here we will break down some of the basics of banking and show important details that might get swept away in the flood.


Midfirst Bank graciously met with us to explain the finer details of their day to day operations. The first thing to do at any bank is open up a checking and savings account. Midfirst has a few different options to choose from, for first time bank accounts, free is best. Midfirst’s M and M+ Checking are free accounts, only requiring $100 dollars to open. M Checking does not gain interest, but M+ will. There are also tiers to achieve dependent on deposits, as you climb you will receive benefits like free money orders (Bronze Tier), free paper statements (Silver Tier), and much more.


M and M+


Midfirst also has a checking account called eChecking, this system makes it a little easier to rank up in tiers and gain the benefits and rewards.




A debit card is a card that one can use to access their money in their checking account. Each checking account comes with a free debit card. The cards come in a variety of colors and patterns as well as some added bonuses. For example; if you choose the red card with the heart, Midfirst will donate every time the card is swiped.


Debit Cards


Midfirst also had overdraft protection, if your account gets overdrawn and the balance is not corrected within 24 hours, then the amount will be taken from your savings account to avoid the overdraft fee.


Now that we have discussed checking accounts, let’s talk about savings accounts. Midfirst has a few to choose from, depending on your needs.


iSaveFor teens aged 17 and younger, iSavings is the ideal savings account for those just getting started and looking toward the future. The opening amount is $25, if 12 deposits are made then Midfirst will match 50% of the average deposit amount or up to $25. There is no monthly fee and can be used by anyone up to the age of 18.



Pulling out a loan for the first time can be scary, Midfirst has options and information that can make the process a little more simple. To be able to pull a loan out, you must have a credit score of 660. They have loans for cars, boats, RV and Travel Trailers, and Powersport.

Need to build your credit? You may want to look into a Secured Credit Card. A Secured Credit card is different from a normal credit card. You make an initial deposit of at least $300 dollars, then you have a credit limit of $300. Just pay the card off each month to raise your credit score.


Looking for a normal credit card? You would need a credit score of 660 to open a line of credit. As of the writing of this post, Midfirst has a promotion of 0% interest for a year for their credit cards.


Speaking of promotions, your bank may have many rewards and features you might want to keep an eye out for. Refer a Friend is one such promotion, depending on the details if you refer a friend to Midfirst you can receive a reward (ie $50). You may also keep an eye out for features like Bill Pay and Zelle (a money transfer app).


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Banking doesn’t have to be overwhelming, by just learning a few operations you’ll be well on your way to being a full fledged adult! If you have anymore questions, you can always ask at your local Midfirst branch!


A Special thanks to Mayra and the staff of the El Reno Midfirst Branch!