Ways Summer Reading can help your Teens

By Macy Conley

Teen summer reading is in full swing at the El Reno Carnegie Library! July is coming with fun filled weeks ahead. Even though the Teen Summer Reading Programs is full of fun and exciting activities, the activities can serve other purposes too. For example, the Wednesday crafts activities help promote creativity in a world were teens are not expected to grow these skills. Crafts help with hand eye coordination when working with small tools. Teens are used to directing their phones with either a swipe or their voice, however, teens are no longer working with small tools to create. These small tools can be anything from needles to colored pencils. Teens usually stop working with these types of tools after primary school. The teen crafts do not have to only be about your creativity, but they can teach you about other topics as well, such as chemistry (galaxy slime), astrology (designing your own constellation), or construction (constellation luminary). Crafts can teach you about spacial awareness and patience.

teens gaming

The Friday activities can also help teens while also appearing as fun activities. These activities teach critical thinking and team work. Most of these activities require teens to think outside the box to complete tasks. Team work is encouraged and teaches teens how to work with others of different ages, strengths, and backgrounds. These activities also reiterate the knowledge that teens have learned in school; such as knowledge about the solar system, aerodynamics, trajectory, and calculus. Just because these activities appear fun in nature, they can help keep teens minds active in the summer.

teen reading

Even if you or your teen cannot attend activities at the library, reading books can keep teens engaged in learning. Reading for fun can expand teens vocabulary, writing skills and teach teens new ideas about the world. If your teen happens to not be a fan of reading, graphic novels are an alternative. Graphic novels (also known as comic books) are mostly viewed as a hobbyist enjoyment, however, many classic novels are being transformed into graphic novels because it reaches a wider audience. With these novels, the content remains the same, however the story is more user to friendly to a reluctant reader.

Whatever your plans for the summer, make a trip by the library! Join us for an activity or simply checkout a book. If you can not make it by the library, you can use your library card to check out eBook and audio books on the Libby app.


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