Fictional places we would love to visit!

by Macy Conley

While reading a book, I will sometimes daydream about visiting the setting of the book. I would be thinking about what I would get to do or who I would get to see. Sometimes it would be so annoying to have to come back to the real world because the fictional one is so appealing. Since the theme of the month for the blog is travel, I thought I would share the top fictional places I would love to visit and give you a few reasons that would hopefully appeal to you as well.



Reasons to visit Neverland:

  • Swim in Mermaid Lagoon.
  • Practice sword fighting.
  • Learn how to fly.
  • Remain youthful!


Reasons to visit Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory:

  • Eat endless delicious candy and sweets.
  • See all the unique and impossible inventions used to create candy.
  • Take a ride down the chocolate river. (While occasionally sampling the chocolate.)
  • For the thrill seekers, take flight in the most dangerous elevator in existence.


Reasons to visit Hogsmeade:

  • You get to drink all the delicious butter beer.
  • Experience and become a customer of Zonko’s joke shop. (Who would turn that up?)
  • Conducting a paranormal investigation of the shreaking shack. (Preferrible with Zac and Aaron from Ghost Aventures.)
  • Lastly, getting to practice magic or witnessing magic used in everyday life.


Reasons to visit Pemberly:

  • Attend parties throughout the night on beautiful estates.
  • Riding carriages to across the stunning country side.

jurassic Park

Reasons to visit Jurassic Park:

  • To see dinosaurs.
  • Seeing the beautiful scenery of the island.
  • SEEING DINOSAURS! (I don’t think I can stress that enough.)


Reasons to visit the Kanto Region.

  • To set out on my own journey to become the greatest Pokemon trainer.
  • Freedom to enjoy the great outdoors and travel to where you would like to go.
  • To work and learn from Pokemon.


Reasons to visit the Shire:

  • Relax by the hearth with my book/ tea/ pipe and enjoy a quiet night in.
  • Attend to my garden in my scenic village.
  • Making loyal friends to go on long journey’s with.


Reasons to visit Narnia:

  • Getting to go on grand adventures!
  • Meeting new people and creatures.
  • Helping stop the forces of evil from taking control over the land.


What are some fictional places would you like to visit?