It’s July!  Time to bring out the Red, White, and Blue, fire up the grill, watch some brilliant fireworks displays, and toast our nation’s bid for freedom.  It’s also vacation season. Are you ready to do some traveling? You could check out some of this great country’s national parks, monuments, grasslands, seashores, and historic sites.  Before heading out, visit to find lists of national parks and federal recreation lands.  There is also information on yearly, military, and senior passes. Single-use fees vary by park.

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For those who want to stay closer to home, there’s plenty to do in Oklahoma.  At there is a list of state parks and other valuable resources.  Most Oklahoma state parks do not charge an entrance fee, but other fees may apply.

Red Rock

For information on parks in other states, type in your website search bar: {(state’s name) state parks}.  For example, the search – Kansas state parks – will yield a list of several sites to explore some of the recreation facilities throughout our neighbor to the north.

Whether you enjoy fishing, camping, hiking, biking, or just getting out for a change of scenery, the resources listed below can help you get started.


Aren’t able to get away this summer?  The library can take you on fantastic trips without ever leaving town.  Come checkout our books on national parks, state parks, and travel guides.  We have DVDs, too!

Wherever you go, far or near, have a safe and relaxing summer.  And, as you look at the full moon on July 16th, remember those brave astronauts who blasted off on that date 50 years ago to be the first to vacation on the lunar surface after arriving there on July 20th!


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