The Walkin’ Dude

By Alicia Ballard

Stephen King is known for creating some of the most evil villains to date. He has created Pennywise the Dancing Clown, Jack Torrance from the Shinning, Carrie White, and so many others. One character stands out from the rest however, and that is Randall Flagg.


Appearing in over nine novels (possibility that the number is much higher) and two movies. Flagg has traveled everywhere from Maine to Nevada and even to an alternative dimension. Flagg is known by many names, such as The Man in Black, The Walkin’ Dude, The Grinning Man, and many more. Many of his aliases contain wandering or travel elements. Where ever he may wander, chaos is sure to follow.

“The Man in Black fled across the desert,” starts the Gunslinger, book one the the Dark Tower series. Flagg appears as mysterious dark figures on the cusp of darkness. Many a hero has tried to stop him, but just as they think he is defeated, Flagg shows up again under a new name.


As Stephen King continues to write and publish new novels, his fans wait with baited breath for the next time Flagg appears. If you would like to travel with him, check out these books:

Night Shift- Story “Children of the Corn” (Overdrive)

The Stand

Eyes of the Dragon (Overdrive)

The Dark Tower Series:

1.  The Gunslinger

2. Drawing of Three

3. The Wastelands

4. Wizard and Glass

4.5 Wind Through the Key Hole

5. Wolves of the Calla

6. Song of Susannah

7. The Dark Tower

Hearts in Atlantis (Overdrive)

Gwendy’s Button Box

Everything’s Eventual- Story “The Man in the Black Suit”