National Roller Coaster Day

By Alicia Ballard

Nothing says summer like a theme park! Huge rides, greasy foods, hot weather no summer vacation would be complete without one! Unfortunately, the lines can be long and the wait can feel like it lasts forever. Here are a few titles to read wile waiting for your turn on the roller coaster!

1The Beren­stain Bears ride the thun­der­bolt

The Bear family goes on a roller coaster ride.



2The Beast by R L Stine

James and his cousin Ashley take a ride on the roller coaster called the Beast after the park closes one night.



3Unusu­al and awe­some job­s us­ing tech­nol­o­gy: roller ­coast­er de­sign­er, s­pace robotic­s engi­neer, and ­more by Linda LeBoutillier

Discover fascinating facts, figures, and pictures while learning about the most interesting and extreme jobs that use technology.


To check out these titles, and many more, visit the El Reno Carnegie Library!